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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

3. I guess I'm jet-lagged (B.A, Argentina)

I went to bed last night at around midnight as I wanted to get up early for my 9.30 Spanish class. However I couldn't get to sleep until about 5.30am, meaning I slept until around lunchtime. Some would say those are normal times for sleeping around here anyway, and it would be if I was going out partying, but I actually had stuff to do this morning.
This afternoon was my first Spanish class at the University of Buenos Aires. The Language Faculty is only 2 blocks from Plaza de Mayo which is the centrepiece of the city. The building looks nice and colonial from the outside, but it's in need of refurbishment inside. The classes are hot, as there's no air conditioning or fans. My course is called Espanol Para Extraneros which means Spanish for Foreigners. I got put in to a Level 2 class which is still beginner level, but most of the class seems to be more fluent than me. It was great for my listening skills though, as the teacher speaks in Spanish the entire time. The school uses the communicative method, which is how I learnt to teach English on my CELTA course, and that is why I chose it - so I could see the teaching methodology I learned being used from the learner's perspective. It's also the cheapest school in town - 4 weeks of classes for $570 pesos (NZ$275). The downside is the classes are quite large, with 12 students, whereas lessons at private schools tend to limit the class size to only 5 students. Because it's so cheap I might get some private lessons on the side if I can be bothered.
I'm still adjusting to the mealtimes here and haven't been eating well at all. Or sleeping well. I'm sure I'll adjust.

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