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Monday, May 02, 2005

29. Puppetry of the Penis, Fútbol (B.A, Argentina)

The other night I got dragged along to see Marionetas del Pene, which is a local franchising of the Australian Puppetry of the Penis show. When I was in Australia, these guys were all over the media, and received respectable reviews for their show. So at first I was interested to see the local version. But then I thought about it, and realised I didn't really want to pay $20 pesos (NZ$10) to see 2 naked guys on stage manipulating their genitals. But it was a Friday night, and I'd met up with some friends for dinner and they were keen to see it so along I went.

Around BA - 36 - Puppeteer
Not a Penis Puppeteer

And, it was exactly what I expected. 2 naked guys on stage, creating various objects with their cock and balls, blown up on a big screen: genital origami, if you will. e.g, a hamburger, the Lock Ness Monster, a frog, and of course the good ol man-gina. After about 10 minutes I wanted to leave, but we stuck around for what was about an hour long show. In all they did I guess a dozen tricks, maybe more, but I should point out the show is supposed to be a comedy and not pornographic. The only funny thing was the todger the slightly shorter guy was sporting, his foreskin resembled a turkey baster. Maybe he'd been stretching it for a bit too long.

River Plate v Lanus - 06 - Crowd
Crowd shot at the River vs Lanus game

Yesterday I went to my 3rd fútbol game here, this time it was River Plate (the championship leaders) vs Lanus. This game was played in River Plate's stadium which is I think the largest in the country, I don't know, maybe 60,000 capacity. The first half was boring, 0-0, but the second half was good, final score 1-1. But the spectacle itself wasn't as good as the Racing v Independiente game I went to a few weeks ago, which was one of the local derbys. Around the football field is an athletics track so the crowd is quite a bit further from the game. The police were confiscating newspapers on the way in - I guess because it's a fire hazard, but it meant there wasn't much confetti. No balloons either. Not many songs either. No, I enjoyed the Racing game much more.


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