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Thursday, February 24, 2005

19. Don't jump off moving trains (B.A, Argentina)

So, I moved into a room in Valentin's nice apartment on Saturday, and then on Sunday he tells me I have to move out because his landlady suspects he's running a hostel and he's not supposed to be renting out my room. Goddammit, so now I'm back in a real hostel, this time Tango Backpackers in Palermo which is cheap and cheerful but I'm in a dorm when I'd much prefer my own room. This flatting game is getting tiring.

On Monday I continued the job hunt, donning my suit and tie and visiting the schools I'd contacted last week. All of the schools where I got to speak to someone high up said they'd call me in early March for some work, which is great. The very first institute I went to said if I'm competent they'll give me as many hours as I want. The others where I couldn't get past the reception said someone will call me back, which probably means my CV will end up lost in someone's In tray. The pay varies from $13 to $20 pesos an hour which is OK for here.

Random pic: A professional dog walker with 12 dogs
Today (Thurs) I went and visited a couple of other institutes, but they weren't worth getting out of bed for. Wall St Institute, which is one of the biggest institutes here (and worldwide) wanted to give me a job starting next week, but the pay is a measly $8 pesos an hour ($NZ4) , so I declined that one. A friend tells me Berlitz, which is another worldwide institute pays $9.50 pesos per lesson (90 mins) which is also shit pay and I think not enough to live off.
At the second school I visited today the lady was too busy to see me so I left her my CV. After that I caught the subway home and slipped over jumping from the train which was still moving, and ripped a hole in the knee of my suit pants. Pissed off! I've only worn the trousers twice and now I gotta get some new ones. And I lost my sunglasses at some point too, so today was an expensive day. Although I may not need to replace the sunglasses since one of the oddities of BA is that almost no one wears them, even on hot days. I don't know why they don't.

Mmmm, pollo. Much plumper than the scrawny chickens I saw in SE Asia


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