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Monday, May 02, 2005

30. Safety concerns (B.A, Argentina)

It's easy to forget I'm living in what is a large and sometimes dangerous city. Old ladies walk their dogs until midnight, and their is often a cop standing on many street corners. The cops here are always sporting guns and usually bullet-proof vests too, which at first is an interesting site. While I usually feel safe in the street, a couple of organised robberies I've heard of only from word of mouth are quite alarming.

It's the one that says Bad Mother F**ker

The first one I read about on the forums at Lonely Planet. A gang of armed men raided a hostel in Congreso (near where I live) and took their time robbing all of the guests of all of their valuables.
The second I heard read about in a mass email - a gang of armed men boarded a Manual Tienda Leon bus from the airport and robbed all of the passengers of all of their valuables.
And the third happened to one of my fellow English teachers on Thursday night - a gang of armed men entered a fairly nice bar and robbed all of the patrons of their money Pulp Fiction style, they weren't afraid of pointing their pistols at heads I'm told. He lost $60 pesos (NZ$30).

Any of you f**kin pricks move...

While this sort of thing would be very newsworthy in NZ and maybe in Australia, here all 3 events seem to have gone unreported. Just as in the US, gun-related crime is all too common and I've only heard about each crime from other sources. I'll just have to keep my head down.


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