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Friday, January 21, 2005

8. Living with Grandma (B.A, Argentina)

Last night Juan made an unexpected but welcome visit so me and one of his friends went and played some pool and drank a few beers for a few hours.
I got back to my hostel at about 12:30am, early by the standards here, and had a smoke with the 2 European guys living here. I'm pretty sure we weren't noisy, in fact we were very quiet, but Etty soon came down in her nightgown and reminded us that it was past the 12am lights out time.
Now, Etty's a very sweet old woman, only 5 feet tall, but 12am is early here. So me and the Dutch guy went back out to a bar until 2am and talked shit. He's only 19, has been here a week and is looking to party, so I told him to get his ass to a hostel and out of Grandma's! He took my advice and is moving out tomorrow... I'm not sure what I'm going to do. It would be nice to have a week of early nights so I can catch up on some sleep and study Spanish a bit harder so I think I'll stay a little while.

Random pic: The Congress Building, 6 blocks from Etty's
I cooked my first meal in South America tonight - my famous chili con carne. I cooked enough for me and two of the guys here. Came out OK, and I fed 3 of us for $12 pesos (NZ$6).


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