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Monday, January 24, 2005

10. Living the vampire life (B.A, Argentina)

Just had a great weekend here, but the last 3 nights have been all-nighters followed by sleeping through the day - the vampire life.
Friday night I was out with some Argentine friends until 6.30am, Saturday night was a rooftop party at Joe's apartment, a guy from my Spanish course until 5am, and then last night was another asado (BBQ) at Juan's house until about 5am.

Molly Me Shireen Joe at Joe's
The asado at Juan's house was great too, again, and it's surprising how much my Spanish comprehension has improved. I can have small one on one conversations now, and could actually sometimes follow what was being talked about in the group conversations. A week ago I couldn't even understand a single word during a group conversation! Last week I said to Juan that in 4 weeks (the duration of my Spanish course) I would understand what they were all talking about, and at the time I thought it sounded a bit optimistic, but having come along nicely by last night my prediction might actually come true.

Feliz cumpleaƱos to my Dad, it was his birthday on Sunday and I managed to call exactly 24 hours too late, as I'd forgotten about the International Date Line. Oops.


  • Sweet - All set up to comment.

    Man, BBQ's galore and parties galore..sounds like fun! - Plenty of 'cervesa?' I bet (apologies any spanish speakers, it's the only spanish word I've familiarised myself with)

    By Blogger Hamiltron Stu, at 11:44 AM  

  • Cerveza, bud.

    Here the cheap cerveza is in 970mL bottles for around $2 pesos (NZ$1) in the supermarkets or $4 pesos in restaurants. But in the supermarkets you have to bring in an empty bottle to replace the one you take or they charge extra - I think the bottle is worth about $1 peso. Like the swappa crate days in NZ. Tastes pretty much the same as NZ beer, I quite like the Quilmes brand. Something like Heineken is about $2.50 for a big bottle in the supermarkets, I think.

    It's cheap even by the standards here - a can of coke is probably about $1 peso, a litre of milk $1.20...

    By Blogger mattyboy, at 11:03 AM  

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