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Friday, February 18, 2005

17. Back in B.A (B.A, Argentina)

I arrived back in BA on Tuesday morning and this week has been all business - apartment hunting and job hunting. I've been flat out so I'm looking forward to doing nothing this weekend.

I found a room in an apartment in Palermo Viejo, which is one of the nicer neigbourhoods in BA, and I move in Saturday, hooray. There's two other guys, Valentin, an Argentine, and an English guy I haven't met yet.

On Wednesday I emailed my CV around all the English language schools I could find but I hadn't had any nibbles so I called them up this morning and most told me to bring my CV in in person, or to email it. So next week I'll visit the schools and see how it goes. I should be OK, I've met a few people who've found jobs with no experience or qualifications, I don't have any experience but I do have the CELTA course under my belt which is worth something. Now's the best time of year to look for teaching work because most schools start courses in March. But I already knew that.

The boliches (megaclubs) here are still all closed pending safety inspections, but I get the feeling the city's tired of waiting for them to re-open. The news reports are conflicting - one day it's hopefully this weekend, the next it's maybe sometime next week. How long can a city that's renowned for its nightlife keep said nightlife shutdown?


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