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Thursday, February 24, 2005

18. Clubbing, kind of (B.A, Argentina)

Although all the nightclubs within BA are still closed down pending safety inspections following the Dec 30 fire, clubs outside the BA city jurisdiction (12 km radius) are still open. It just means a longer taxi ride to get there.

Outside Sunset
So on Saturday night we went to Sunset, way out in the Olivos suburb. The night was pretty crap though, we got there at 3am as per standard and our group got split up so we spent the next hour trying to find everyone else. By then the thrill had worn off, and the DJ sucked too - only about 1 in every 3 songs was worth dancing to. Bit of a rip off since we had to pay $20 pesos (NZ$10) to get in.

A stag party we ran into
The highlight of my night was meeting a Danish guy named Jens at dinner before we went to the club. The guy has been out here a couple of months and was now crying into his beer saying he was broke, after having a very expensive Argentinian girlfriend. He said he'd had to spend $2500 pesos a week (NZ$1200) on hotels, dinners, gifts, drinks, drugs etc just to keep her. His gums were bleeding which he says is a symptom of stress because of her. Now they've broken up, she's had to get a job waitressing and he's trying to live a cheaper life for the next couple of weeks until his flight home. I think he's still unsure of whether she was worth it or not.

Sunrise from a taxi after Sunset


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